Free Webinar:
The Essentials of Laboratory Weathering

Weathering and light exposure are important causes of damage to coatings, plastics, inks, and other organic materials.

Every day, accelerated weathering and light stability testers help R&D, quality control, and new product development engineers improve their products, minimize failures, and reduce raw material costs.

During this free webinar, we will:

  • Describe the impact of the three main factors of weathering: sunlight, heat, and moisture
  • Compare fluorescent UV and xenon arc accelerated weathering testing
  • Provide guidance on the best use of laboratory weathering technologies
  • Discuss the importance of natural weathering tests

Presented by Bill Tobin

Bill TobinBill Tobin is a Senior Weathering and Corrosion Technical Marketing Specialist at Q-Lab Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Q-Lab is a world leader in weathering test technology. Bill has a degree in Electrical Engineering with 10 years of experience in Applications Engineering for RF test and measurement equipment, infrastructure, and interference mitigation before joining Q-Lab.

Date and Times

16 August 2017

7 a.m.: Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia
8 a.m.: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei, Perth
9 a.m.: Japan, Korea
10 a.m.: Sydney, Melbourne, Australia
12 p.m.: New Zealand, Fiji

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